CGI = computer - generated - imagery


We organize for you the base of a successful project. There are different important things to prepare and define before you can start a CGi-production without any hassle.

  • datapreparation
  • perspective approval
  • material definition
  • look and mood definition
  • location resarch
  • previsualization
  • etc.


In all parts of the production you need a creative mind to keep track on the target. With love for details and nice lighting and staging to show your product in the best conditions.

  • location production
  • hdr imagery
  • bachplate imagery
  • previsualization on set
  • artdirection
  • CG-lighting
  • etc.


We take care of sensible data and information all the time. Years of collaboration with clients in this kind of business gave me the experience to do this very well.


To improve the quality of all produced results out of the photography and rendering, it is necessary to make a sensible finishing.

  • artdirection
  • retouch on set
  • final retouch at the office
  • creative retouch and compositing
  • high-quality print output
  • color-management
  • etc.